Drawing The Portrait: First Steps Workshop

Dan Christian and I hosted a very successful Drawing the Portrait: First Steps Workshop. We hope all the attendees enjoyed the workshop as much as we did---

 Thank you to all the people that came out to spend two very rigorous days with us! Below you can find a photo gallery of everyone working and a list of the exercises we tackled! 

Day 1:

  • Origin/ Destination Lines
  • Pressure Scales
  • Bargue Inspired 2x2" Shape Replications w/ Transparencies
  • Shadow Pattern Recognition Exercise from Photograph
  • 2-Hour Shadow Pattern Sketches From Live Model (2 fifteen minute patterns, 1 long pose pattern)

Day 2:

  • Bargue Inspired Shape Replication (1 Page Eyes, 1 Page Ears)
  • 1-Hour Shadow Pattern Drawing From Portrait Cast
  • 3-Hour Portrait From Live Model