Opening of "From Near and Far"

Open August 5th-26th, 2016 at the Artists for Art Gallery, located in Scranton, PA! “From Near and Far” presents an open theme that has been interpreted literally and figuratively, by artists and viewers alike. The artworks displayed have been presented by over 30 local and international apprentices, alumni, teachers, and associates of the Ani Art Academies. The theme of the show attempts to highlight cultural diversities amongst artworks. Curated by Victoria Steel.

I was very excited to have curated my first Gallery show so close to home! The opening was a big success, with masses of people filing in and out of the gallery- due to Downtown Scranton's First Friday event. "From Near and Far" displayed an even number of 40 pieces created by over 30 artists, and will continue to hang through August until the 26th at the Artists for Art Gallery located in Scranton, Pennsylvania.